Multi-DEX routing

Our swap infrastructure can now route through third-party DEXes to find the best price for you.

When you select the tokens which you are swapping and input the amount you will see route at the bottom of the swap window. It now also shows DEXes that it will use to take that route.

Let's take an example here by trying to swap 1000 TRX to JM. You can see below it will first swap TRX to USDT in Sunswap then it will swap that USDT to JM on JustMoney Swap. It means this was the route that gives most JM for you.

This not only gives you better prices but also drops the price impact that users will get. We will integrate the big main pools from other DEXes so our users can have better prices with less impact.

E.g. on Tron side there is no reason for people to go to Sunswap anymore to swap the main tokens/coins since they can now do it directly on JustMoney Swap and there is still a chance that the price will be even better since it checks the pools from our swap as well and prices always differ slightly.

In another example let's try to swap 10 000 USDT to TRX

You can see it uses only Sunswap pool in this case and swaps 10k USDT with 0.04% price impact.

On Tron chain you can also have discounted swap no matter which route is taken so if you are paying energy cost with your TRX then you can enjoy our fixed rate of 19 TRX per swap.

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