What is JustMoney?

JustMoney is a decentralized cross-chain DeFi and Web3 ecosystem.

It provides all the tools for cryptocurrency exchanging, for merchants to accept cryptocurrency and for crypto projects to grow their business.

Our ecosystem consists of a DEX, bridge, cross-chain swap, a decentralized payment gateway with 4 sub products, cryptocurrency gifting platform, a launchpad and many tools that utilize our ecosystem.

Our key difference between other dexes is that we work closely with projects and we provide them all the tools they need to run their business. We have widgets that projects can use on their own website, we offer charting bots for their telegram channels and other useful tools. We also actually "list" projects on our dex after a due-diligence has been done.

Our DEX ecosystem is currently integrated into 5 chains: Ethereum, Tron, BSC, Polygon and BTTC, but we are looking to integrate more chains in the future.

JustMoney Pay is integrated also with Avax, Fantom and Cronos.

We are also winners of TronDAO's Hackathon in season 1 and we got a prize in season 2 for the most voted project by community votes.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to increase crypto awareness and adoption and to make cryptocurrency mainstream by bringing real use-cases and utilities for everybody despite their level of knowledge in crypto.

We put a lot of focus on products itself and for us a product is only a product if it is easy to use for anybody, looks professional, solves a problem and of course serves its main purpose. Most of the products on crypto are neither of those or at least missing some of those key elements.

Composability / future integrations

We have built our platform in a way to really easily add new features or integrations to third-party vendors or to other chains.

Our DEX is used as the foundation for all of our other products. For example on JustMoney Pay when users pay their order it will automatically swap the used tokens to USDT and merchant will always get USDT. The gift platform and launchpad also uses our pools. Cross-chain swap uses our pools and the bridge to allow swaps from one token on chain A to another token on chain B.

We are looking to integrate more chains to our platform but first we want to scale up the ones that are already integrated.

What comes to JustMoney Pay, we have a Woocommerce plugin and API available for checkout and for donations we have API and Wordpress plugin. We want to also bring it to other e-commerce platforms e.g. Shopify.

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