JustMoney Invoice is a user-friendly invoicing platform tailored for freelancers, crypto/web3 projects, and small businesses that need to issue invoices to third parties and receive payments in cryptocurrency.

With JustMoney Invoice, you can simplify your financial processes. It offers seamless tracking of payments, eliminating the need for users to manually verify whether invoices have been settled. It also highlights any overdue invoices. This efficiency is achieved through integration with the JustMoney Pay payment gateway. Taking advantage of the “payment links” feature, each invoice is endowed with a unique payment link through which recipients can settle their dues. By utilizing the JM Pay API, we can automatically retrieve the payment status of each invoice, marking it as ‘PAID’ once it has been settled by the recipient.

Stay connected, no matter where you are. Create and manage your invoices on our platform using either your mobile device or laptop.

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