Get Order Details

You can fetch all the details of the order from here. This does not validate the confirmation of the blockchain. If you want to see if the payment transaction is confirmed you should use getStatusByHash instead.


Request Type: GET


  "id": "our order id",
  "wallet_evm": "address",
  "wallet_tron": "address",
  "src": "your source",
  "returnUrl": "your return url",
  "statusHookUrl": "your status hook url",
  "totalAmount": "total amount of the order",
  "orderId": "your order id",
  "hash": "hash that we generated",
  "network": "network of payment (user already paid)",|
  "tokenPaidWith": "token that user used for the payment",
  "currency": "USD",
  "transactionHash": "transaction hash in blockchain (user already paid)",
  "createdAt": "Date and time of the creation",
  "updatedAt": "Date and time of the last update"

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