This allows any website to accept cryptocurrency donations. Whether it’s an open-source code project, a charity or any other cause, it allows the project to accept donations in USDT from donors who can make the donation in one of the wide range of coins or tokens listed on JustMoney Swap.

The organization embeds a small snippet of code onto their website, along with their destination wallet addresses, and it will render a button like the one shown (above on the right). When a visitor clicks the button, it will open a small popup window (shown above on the left) where the visitor can input the amount to donate and click the “go to payment” button. They will then be taken to the payment interface to complete the transaction which is sent directly to the project’s defined wallets.

The colors of the button can easily be customized to match the branding of the page.

Instructions and documentation can be found at JustMoney Pay

You can find a demo of the donation button on our website.

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