When is the expiration time of my order.

Each order is valid for one month, after which it will be marked as expired.

Why didn't my order get executed even the chart showed that it should have been correct price.

There could be a few reasons for this, including not meeting the minimum token requirement due to price impact, price impact calculations on charts, or another user's limit order being executed before yours, causing the price to jump out of your limit order "region."

Prices on charts are actually calculated from swap events by looking at how many tokens a person used and how many tokens they received. Dividing those will give the price, meaning that those prices also include price impact. So, if someone made a big order, their base price might have been a lot lower when the price impact is calculated.

Is JustMoney Spot decentralised?

Yes, JustMoney Spot is decentralized. Orders are signed by your wallet and executed on-chain within our contracts. Order information is stored off-chain, but our oracle ensures secure execution and prevents unauthorized changes to order values. Allowance will be requested for our contract to perform a swap only for the same amount of tokens that you set in the order. The signature will contain all the values of the order, such as the price, amount of tokens to use, your wallet address, and the router contract that will execute the order. None of these values can be changed to execute the order. Nobody can, for example, try to execute a bigger amount or execute it at a different price.

However, the information about the limit orders is stored on our off-chain systems, and our oracle will notify the contract when to execute each order when prices and other conditions are met. The contract will then perform a swap, and you cannot receive fewer tokens than your order is set to receive, or the transaction will revert. Additionally, our contract validates each signature, so the data cannot be altered.

How can I modify my order?

To modify your order, drag the order line (on the right side of the standard chart) to a new location and sign a new signature.

Do I have to pay an extra fee to modify an order?

No, modifying orders is free of charge.

How to select a buy/sell price by clicking on the chart?

n the limit order section, click the "pick from chart" button next to the price input box, and then click on the desired location on the chart to set your new order.

Is the spot trading multi-route/multi-DEX?

Yes, our system checks multiple routes, pairs, and DEXes to ensure you receive the most tokens in the swap when your order executes.

How much does it cost to place an order?

On the Tron network, a 19 TRX fee is charged to cover execution costs. If you cancel the order, you will receive half of the fee back. Additionally, allowance may consume some energy or TRX for energy fees.

What should I do if my order expires?

Expired orders will be marked as "expired" in your order history. Click the button next to the expired order to claim a refund of half of the paid fees.

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