Holder ranks

Get your "Medal Of Holder" by holding JM

Your holder rank will be displayed on right top corner after you connect your wallet. On Tron chain you can also see your discounted swap fee when you hover on top of the status.

Holder ranks šŸ„‰ 50M -> 100M: BRONZE šŸ„ˆ 100M -> 500M: SILVER šŸ„‡ 500M -> 1B: GOLD šŸ† > 1B: PLATINUM

On Tron chain we have discounted fees for each rank: šŸ„‰ BRONZE: 17 TRX šŸ„ˆ SILVER: 14 TRX šŸ„‡ GOLD: 10 TRX šŸ† PLATINUM: 5 TRX If you hold under 50M your discounted fee is 19 TRX

Note: if you have over 50k energy on your wallet it will try to use your energy instead, so to utilise discounted swaps open the settings dialog of the swap and toggle "force discounted fees" checkbox

  • For now, discounts apply only to Tron; hold the required JM in the same wallet used for swaps.

  • Only when energy is available, a green sign appears below swap fields (never depleted so far).

  • Applies only for swaps, limit order fee is 19 TRX for all holder ranks

  • We may adjust the levels in the future depending on the price of the token

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