• Wallet Login: Compatible with TronLink and Tron-supported wallets, MetaMask and MetaMask-supported wallets, and WalletConnect.

  • Default Configuration: Enables users to set default parameters such as the company name, address, preferred wallet address for incoming funds (upon invoice settlement), and tax percentage (if applicable).

  • Logo Integration: Customize each invoice with your company’s or project’s logo.

  • Creation: Add multiple items to an invoice with automatic calculations for total amounts and applicable taxes.

  • Cloning: Replicate existing invoices for recurrent billing.

  • Editing: Make necessary adjustments or updates to your invoices.

  • Deletion/Archiving: Remove or archive invoices as needed.

  • Status Updates: Manually mark an invoice as sent or paid (especially useful if payments are made outside of the provided payment link).

  • Download and Share: Retrieve invoices in PDF format or email them directly to the intended recipients.

  • Payment Status Monitoring: Harness the power of the JM Pay API and payment links for real-time payment tracking.

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