JustMoney Pay is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment gateway, which has four options to make it easier for businesses and individuals to accept payments with cryptocurrencies: Checkout for e-commerce platforms, Mobile Payment Terminal, Donations button and Payment Links.

Payment Interface

Millions of PayPal users worldwide are familiar with being redirected from a vendor’s website to the Paypal payment interface.

In a similar style, JustMoney Pay users are redirected from a vendor’s website to our own highly-scalable, completely secure and easy-to-use payment interface after choosing JustMoney Pay as their preferred payment method. Here, they may select the blockchain network they wish to use, choose which token to pay with, connect their wallet, and authorize the transaction. Unlike the traditional payment gateways, we do not make money by holding the vendor’s or the purchaser’s funds on our own account for extended periods of time. Instead the payment happens on-chain and it happens instantaneously, releasing the order for immediate processing. Instant clearing.

Demo of the e-commerce checkout

You can test the payment interface in demo mode on our website pay.just.money and also you can find a demo of the donation button there.

In addition, you can just start using Payment Links and Mobile Payment Terminal straight away on our site without any need to register.

These products are JustMoney’s first contribution to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and we will keep working hard to expand and improve our payment ecosystem.

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