Discounted swap fees on TRON (5-19trx)

After the increase of fees on Tron chain we wanted to offer people a chance to have swaps even cheaper than before the fee increase of Tron so we made a functionality that allows people to pay up to 70% less energy cost when swapping on Tron chain. If you use TRX to pay for the energy cost (instead of energy) you will get a swap for flat rate of 5-19 TRX when our "discounted swap" light is green. You can see that light on the info box at the bottom of the swap just above the connect wallet/swap button.

Fee depends how much you hold JM token on that wallet. Without holding you pay 19TRX fee instead of normal Tron Network's fee which would be 100-150trx.

You can see holder ranks here

If the light is red you will also see a percentage value of the current energy regeneration and when that goes to 100% the discounted swap will be available again.

We will use part of the collected fees to buy back and burn JM token and one part to reinvest it by freezing those to grow the energy that this system has (if we see it needs more energy).

Note: Our platform will try to use discounted swaps only if the user has less than 50000 energy on their wallet

When you try to swap with a discounted fee, please note that TronLink still displays the estimated fee like it normally would. It doesn't for some reason know to calculate it correctly by checking that our wallets have energy and that our contract is set to use that energy instead. So even if it's showing that the fee would be e.g. 70 TRX it will still not charge TRX fees for energy as long as our contract has enough energy available.

There could be a case that someone would pay some network fees in case too many people are attempting to swap at the exact time as the light turns green. That's why we recommend to not swap immediately after the light turns green but give it a bit of time instead of rushing to swap.

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