How to list your project?

All listings are free of charge, however since we actually make your project visible and also announce it, we have certain pre-conditions for each listing.

  • Your project passes our due-diligence process. Mainly we check that the project feels solid and it doesn't have any red flags

  • You will open a decent size pool which is normally around min. 2500 usd per side (note that this will still be your money and no listing fees are taken)

If you think your project passes the requirements above please fill our listing application in

We will contact you with more instructions.

Once your project is listed on JustMoney Swap, your token will also be visible on JustMoney Gift and our cross-chain swap. If your pool size is large enough we will also add it to JustMoney Pay.

You can also utilize our tools free of charge. You can install widgets on your webpage, you can ask for charting bot for your telegram channel and you can provide your own cards for our gift platform.

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