Woocommerce Plugin

Github repo: https://github.com/justmoney-io/justmoney-pay-woocommerce


  1. Copy justmoney_pay directory to wp-content/plugins directory or zip this directory and upload it via wordpress plugin upload function.

  2. Activate JustMoney Pay plugin in the plugins section in Wordpress admin.

  3. Got to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments and enable JustMoney Pay plugin.

  4. Click manage button

  5. Enter your EVM (BSC and Polygon) wallet address in format starting with 0x and Tron wallet address starting with T.

  6. Both wallet addresses needs to be given in order plugin to work.

  7. You have now configured JustMoney Pay and you can start accepting crypto payments.

If you have any issues or other concerns, please contact us by email support@just.money or ask for help on our Telegram channel @JustMoneyTRX

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