E-commerce intergration

The e-commerce checkout is an easy to install and easy to use plugin that any merchant can implement in their web-store, in order to immediately start accepting crypto payments.

We have already built a plugin for the WooCommerce e-commerce platform and we are now working on creating plugins for Magento and Shopify as well. By 2021 estimates, around 15 million online vendors use one of these three platforms to accept online payments. Once all three plugins are completed, this would give those 15 million vendors the option to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method on their stores, giving countless numbers of customers the option to pay using cryptocurrency as a day-to-day alternative to FIAT cash.

TronNetwork.store has already added our plugin on their WooCommerce site and anyone can now go and purchase any products there and choose JustMoney Pay as the payment provider.

The WooCommerce vendor admin is simple. The Merchant just adds their wallet addresses and enables the plugin! After that they are ready to go.

We have also created an API integration for those who want to do a custom integration. You can find the API documentation from JustMoney Pay

You can also find the instructions for WooCommerce integration at the same link. The repository for the plugin can be found in GitHub - justmoney-io/justmoney-pay-woocommerce: WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin

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